How To Train Your Dragon!


For my little guy's 7th birthday (note the blazing number 7 he insisted on having as a topper next to Toothless, the dragon ;) ). Had a GREAT time with this one, making the figurines out of gumpaste and then painting them afterwards. Tried gelatin for the wings for the first time, and I am an absolute convert - LOVE the stuff! The hardest part of all of this for me was to try to remember to make the mountain PURPOSELY bumpy and misshapen. Hand-carved the cobblestone finish in gumpaste onto the cakeboard. I ran out of candy melts, or would have made the snowcaps a little more prominent, but oh well! Live and learn! :) RKTs and carved cake for the rocky mountain. Top tier is coconut with pineapple filling, middle is rootbeer float, bottom is hot cocoa with chocolate chip cookie dough filling and ganache. So, in all their glory, the Night Fury, Hideous Zippelback, Monstruous Nightmare, Terrible Terror, Gronckle, and Deadly Nadder ... LOVE that movie! :)