Bold And The Beautiful!


This was quite scary for me... never really worked with so much black on white I was as careful as I could be! The bride found a picture of a simple version of this design online and wanted me to add some RI filigree/lace work on the sides, some RI filigree butterflies and I also suggested to her that I would make the pearl border look more pearly than in the original design. The cake was a german chocolate cake (10" bottom and 5" top) filled with rich chocolate buttercream and covered with vanilla fondant. All the roses and both the bows I made of gumpaste and the black lace and white butterflies were handpiped RI. The black and beige ribbon around he cakes are real satin ribbon. The pearl border are all hand rolled fondant pearls (courtesy my parents....they helped!!) and I dusted them with white pearl dust. I've put pictures of a few angles so you can view moreof each side. This was also the first time I was actually given a design to work with. Hope you like it!