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Pricing List on Cake Central

This is my personal pricing list. I thought it might help some of you who are trying to create your own. Feel free to use it. You can change the prices in microsoft paint to suit your own needs.

~UPDATE~ a few people have Pm'ed me to ask why I give a discount per serving for orders over 100 servings. it is too long to explain here but if you look at the thread from this link On page 2 , 5th post I explain why .. I am not saying everyone should do this I am just giving an example as to why I do . Just because it is wat works for me doesnt mean it works for everyone.

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I am confused about pricing, I was thinking about charging by the slice but my husband and business partner was concerned that some people would make bigger slices and run out of cake and come back angry at us.  So I tried to just come up with basic pricing for my web site and now customers want difficult cakes at my basic rates.

How do I get them to understand that I am not Walmart?

Thank you!


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