Ken's Birthday Cake


BC birthday cake, in theme of racing. EVERYTHING that you can think of went wrong with this cake! First this is not the cake I was planning on. I had worked on an Image in Deco, and it was nice!!!, so I went to use my printer, and I was out of EDIBLE INKS!!! and cake was due in 2hrs, I live out in the country so to speak. So then I thought ok, BC transfer, nope that didnt work, ok, last minute doctor this up, and my Airbrush system wasnt working!!! so 30mins before it was due, this is all I came up with to deliver it, looks like a darn Wally World cake! Im so disappointed, and even then it didnt come out good. The customer, Bless he heart, thought it was the best cake ever!!! and kept telling everyone: Look at Ken's cake, its awesome!!!