Bridal Shower Disaster Recovered Cake

This is iced and piped BC cake. The flowers are royal icing drop flowers. This cake actually flipped of it's drum while delivering a wedding cake. (NEVER hit your brakes!) Luckily it flopped onto some plastic. So I had to re-ice it and decorate and put new flowers on(in less than 45 minutes). Luckily I had plenty of extra flowers! The original icing was an off white, ivory color. In the re-ice I didn't have time to try to get colors. The host of the shower was so understanding and still insisted on giving me the full amount even after I cut the price way down. I even got a great review and they loved the cake! It was a crazy day! Did I mention the wedding cake I delivered before it, that I slipped on a wet floor (raining no rugs by doors) and smudged that cake and had to fix it as well? That happened like 5 minutes after this cake flopped.

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