Final Cake For Cake Course 1

 Final Cake For Cake Course 1  on Cake Central

So this was my final cake for Course 1, this design is from the course book. We had to do roses, which is tricky, and I still need lots of practise, but here you go. I made a vanilla cake, a cake mix plus a cake extender recipe, which had sour cream in it. I really liked the recipe as it gave it a nice flavour and made the cake denser, so this time it didn't just fall apart. My cake was so high that I noticed when putting the lid on it started squishing the roses, so I quickly took it off and took this picture with my phone. That is why the picture isn't as nice and the roses look a little squished... :/ I also did drop flowers on the border, which was fun, but I let them harden in the freezer... didn't cover them.. so they have that stale freezer taste, bleh, next time I'm going to cover them... hehe


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