Pink Princess Fairytale Castle


My first Castle for a lovely and special Girl. Her smile when she saw it, made me forget the time i spent making it.many asked how to do the towers, hope this helps. You will need in order of making 5 +1 smaller towers :5cardboard tubes from kitchen roll inner tubes and one from a roll of a tin foil.Cover them with cling film and dust them with corn flour. You can use gelatin icing , or like i did, sugarpaste with cmc( 5oog + 2 teaspoons of cmc). roll out the sugarpaste until you reach 3 mm, then cut 5 rectangles about 14/16cm , and one 14/8cm. Wrap around each one of the tubes , and secure the join with a litle water.Place to dry, seam side down.After 6 hours drying, slide out of the tubes, and stand them upright so the centres can dry out. Leave overnight. To secure the towers in place i used royal icing. I hope this can help you, if you have any other doubts please ask.