Leopard Tote Bag

This print is embedded into the fondant, not painted on. A HUGE thank you to Amanda over at Flickr for generously sharing her technique with me....you basically start with a snake, wrap it twice with different colors, slice it up, place the slices together and roll it out so it blends into one large piece (I posted another tote using this same technique).
Handles are MMF w/ tylose. I brushed them with glycerin to get the glossy look...worked great, unfortunately it ruined the smooth surface when it dried, so I have to experiment with something else, maybe edible varnish? Also, I had to remove the bottom beads from each handle because they looked too tall on the cake.
I made the zipper by pressing a real one into a piece of gray fondant and cutting away the excess, leaving only a strip (the teeth). I hand modeled the pull by copying an actual one. I didn't plan to paint it at first, but I ended up dry dusting it with Nu-Silver.


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