Baby Heather Christening


Cupcake tower & desserts for my grand-niece's Christening.

Cakes are 8" chocolate and 6" WASC with Raspberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Fondant accents for the borders, baby shoes, Bear, Duff-style roses, plunger flowers and lettering. Letters were my first try with Tappits.

Cupcakes on the tower were chocolate and vanilla. Cupcake frostings were based on Whimsical Bakehouse House Buttercream. Sleeping angel babies on the cupcakes were chocolate transfers.

Also did an assortment of miniature treats.

Cake design was a combination of the Marie baby cake by "elin", and Sisters Christening by "Cake_Karen". Thanks for their inspiration along with the many lovely baby shoe cakes here on CC. Special thanks (again) to stellastarchild for the wonderful description of how to make the Baby Converse shoes.

Thanks for looking!