Sputnikfest Cake Contest Winner!

Sputnikfest Cake Contest Winner! on Cake Central

Our little town has an annual festival featuring the Sputnik (it was a piece of a Russian space shuttle that hit one of the roads in our town back in 1960). Last year I couldn't enter the cake contest because I had my baby on that day (I was tempted though)... so this year I just had to enter it. I made a lemon cake (10" & 6" layers with the ball cake on top). I used a strawberry shortcake and covered it to make a space shuttle and then a spaceship with an alien inside out of fondant... I used a few ideas from on here so thank you!!! I was up against 18 other cakes and they judged based on taste and creativity. I got a trophy & $250!!! This was the first big cash prize I've received so I was pretty excited! I passed on making a cupcake cake for a birthday party (it would've only made me $50 :( I'm glad I made the choice to do this cake instead!!!

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