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My dear friend's husband asked me to make a coffin cake for her 50th. He is planning a "crime scene" party because her youth has been "murdered". The cake is a 9 X 13 cut down a little (it was made for another person and I changed my mind and had it frozen), chocolate with white buttercream, covered with ganache. Border is also ganache. Since the cake was leveled already I had to make it rounded to look like a casket. So I made a "lid" out of RKT covered in candy clay, put it on top and frosted the whole thing with BC and then poured the ganache. If I did it again I would bake a new cake and not cut off the dome. Much simpler.... The roses, leaves and casket handles are candy clay with luster dust and the 50 is molded candy melts with luster dust. I hope she likes it, but I hope even more that she can cut through the RKT lid!