Dr. Who Dalek Cake

Dr. Who Dalek Cake on Cake Central

This was constructed Feb '09 for my Science Fiction club's annual "Death By Chocolate" event. I decided to do a "Dalek" cake (from the TV series Dr. Who), and it took about 3-1/2 hours start to finish. The end product sat on an 11-inch x 17-inch heavy cardboard covered with aluminum foil and was about 12-inches tall. The finished cake was heavier than I thought it would be, almost 8 pounds! (Please ignore the chocolate cream puffs on the right side, they're not mine.) The construction: four tiers of devil's food chocolate cake baked the day prior and cooled in the fridge then carved into the proper shape, covered in dark chocolate frosting and smoothed to resemble the Dalek's actual lines. The decorations are cherry licorice, red fruit roll-ups, chocolate Pocky sticks, chocolate donut holes cut in half, and French Pirouette chocolate wafer cookies. The cake is stabilized with three bamboo skewers just off the center. It was a big hit, everyone loved it! :-)