Skateboard Park Cake

Skateboard Park Cake on Cake Central

(I am putting this in this section because I couldn't find skateboarding in the drop down catergory box) This was a cake I made for my son's 13th birthday. This is my second cake with fondant. Everything but the little skateboards are edible. I stacked the sheetcakes and cut them into the forms that I wanted, then covered them in icing, and then fondant. To get the wood look for the ramp, I watered down ivory paste and brushed it on for the wood effect. I found grafitti font on the net, printed and cut it out of paper, and then traced it onto white fondan that I painted with colored gels. The cake gave me a hard time when trying to make square edges on the steps, so they aren't as sharp as I would have liked. It was trying, but fun to make and he loved it, so it was worth it. :-)