Baby Shower Bear Cake

This has been my toughest project yet! I tried 7 new techniques on this cake! Jennifer Dontz's chocolate fondant is on the middle tier and I used her pearl clay to make the chocolate pearls. I used Aine2's tutorial for the bears! The pattern for the shoes I used from grannys3angels! Everything on cake is edible! Tiramisu cake with marscapone filling top tier, chocolate with truffle filling 2nd tier, vanilla bean with strawberry bottom tier. TFL!


I_AM_PAM_10 Says... 2 months ago

This is absolutely gorgeous!!  May I ask what recipe you use for your tiramisu cake?  I found a few online that have great reviews but they have a coffee/Kahlua mixture brushed on the layers, which is what my client wants.  I'm not sure if these would hold up in a stacked cake if they were on the wet side.  Thanks in advance for any assistance.   Pam

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