rmelendrez Says... 7 years ago

Tooooooooo cute!

ANicole Says... 7 years ago

Was your aunt totally thrilled? These are really great!

MosMom Says... 7 years ago

Yeah, she was expecting something with a paw print on top. I figured if I made them fancy, they could get more for them and for the doggies! ;)

mcdonald Says... 7 years ago

these are too cute!! What did you use for the head part??

MosMom Says... 7 years ago

They are a cupcake with a mini cupcake turned on its side for the face. You don't ice the paper part of the mini cupcake to make it easy to pull off and eat. If you look carefully you can see the mini cupcake sticking out of the back on a few of the dogs. The snout is a whole marshmallow with icing over it and the pointy ears are marshmallows cut diagonally.

justgale Says... 7 years ago

to cute. I'm going to have to add these to my list of things I want to try

Lenore Says... 7 years ago

You clever lady! I love them.

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