Pinched, Pleated And Pintucked

This is my entry for the Mid-Atlantic Cake Wedding Cake Competition 2008. The theme was "Fabric Fantasies". I chose to reproduce silk taffeta in 3 different forms. What a pain in the tuckus! I used ivory fondant then airbrushed it with champagne luster dust then sprayed pearl over it. The roses are fondnant rolled to looke like fabric roses. The topper is a styrofoam ball covered in fondnat and the roses. The base of the topper is gumpaste.


YALANTZI Says... 7 years ago

Wow 8O that looks great. I love the texture

lcabralacores Says... 7 years ago

that cake is beatiful love the texture. great job.

scodega Says... 7 years ago

amazing cake

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