NFSC With Toba's Glaze And Royal Icing "Thread"

Made for the opening of a friends new sewing shop. She attached her business card and gave them to customers. NFSC with Toba's Glaze and royal icing "thread" sprinkled with sanding sugar. TFL


SpringFlour Says... 7 years ago

So cute and creative! Didi you free-hand the cutting of the cookies, or did you have a cutter?

JudyDP Says... 7 years ago

Thank you SpringFlour. I made a cutter. They do sell them on the internet, but I didn't have time to order one. It was a real easy cutter to make.

Schmulie65 Says... 7 years ago

Cute idea! Great marketing tool! :)

mindywith3boys Says... 7 years ago

these look great! Really nearly as cute as the others and for the work saved, there're better! :lol:

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