L'il Dragon On His Hoarde

My DH came up and said this was the ugliest l'il dragon he'd ever seen. But he said it in that 'that's so cute!' voice, so I guess it's okay. :) Yellow cake with buttercream. First try at a piped dragon figure. :) Tips on how to make him look more dragon-y are welcome! :)


stacylambert Says... 7 years ago

He looks dragon-y to me! I guess you could take a round tip and add some scales like on fish/mermaids?

lanibird Says... 7 years ago

I saw the dragons in your thread and just love them! I've got some cuppies to make this weekend, and I might just play with the extras!

jeffer01 Says... 7 years ago

:D Well, I think he is great!!! You did a fabulous job!

Cake-Happy Says... 7 years ago

That is so darn cute! Love him!

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