MegWinn Says... 7 years ago

I LOVE those gorgeous cupcakes. Where on earth did you get those cupcake liners?

thedessertdiva Says... 7 years ago

WOW, those are HUGE! where those made in a turnover pan?

cupcakes Says... 7 years ago

They reall turned out great!!! I would love to know which cupcake pan and liners you used as well. Boy it makes a difference when they look so big and beautiful!

boysmom Says... 7 years ago

Thanks for your comments! The pan isjust the wilton king size pan and they have liners to go with them but they are super hard to seperate. These were filled with almond filling and I used a almond sliver for the rose leaf. I used two ice cream scoops exactly for each one. This is definately not a dessert you can eat without a fork!

THESUGARCOW Says... 7 years ago

8O really nice size :lol: they look so yummy

cocobean Says... 7 years ago

Great cupcakes! Where did you get your cupcake tower?

Abrac Says... 7 years ago

I love the chocolate decorations on top of your cupcakes. Can you share where you did you get your tower from?

boysmom Says... 7 years ago

The tower was the bride's. She payed $250 for it online!!! I don'have a clue what you would do with a $250 cupcake stand after using it for your wedding!

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