Lock And Key

This was a corporate cake, its huge, its cut from a 16" two layer square, serves at least 70. I was upset that all the gold luster softened the key top and ended up cracking it in at least 5 places. I tried rigging it while there but it didn't look real great. So refunded them $30 and hope nothing else happens and that they are happy with the rest of the cake. I used a photo of an antique lock they sent me to do this design.


MegWinn Says... 7 years ago

OMG! That is fabulous! I would not have noticed the broken key if you hadn't pointed it out. I know how glaring mistakes look to the artist! This is truly impressive.

Kitagrl Says... 7 years ago

It was alot more noticeable in person, unfortunately.

furmanv Says... 7 years ago

awesome job!

Happybug98 Says... 7 years ago

Wow. The detailing is great. :o

funbun Says... 7 years ago

This is awesome!

jsmith Says... 7 years ago

Awesome cake! I love how the key looks too.

toodlesjupiter Says... 7 years ago

This is such a cool cake, I love the design! Sorry about the key mishap, I'm sure they must be happy with it, as it turned out beautifully!

ruthberry Says... 7 years ago

wow, wow, wow! it looks amazing! I can't believe you refunded $30 though. the key is an add on, and it looks beautiful. the cake is amazing!

Kitagrl Says... 7 years ago

Thank you! Well they felt the key was important when they ordered it, and I wanted to show a goodwill gesture so they knew I didn't make a practice of delivering cakes with broken stuff!

diane Says... 7 years ago

wow...this is perfect. you did a really good job! 8O :lol:

mariafun Says... 7 years ago

Wow! Can I ask how much you charge for a cake with this much detail? I've only ever made 2 cake for money and am trying to learn. (I can only dream of making one this amazing!)

wgoat5 Says... 7 years ago

Ohh wow!!! I love this!! Beautiful work.. love the detail!

CarolAnn Says... 7 years ago

Sure sorry about the key but wow, this looks really great!

dragonflydreams Says... 7 years ago

8) 8) (too cooool)

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