Birthday Cake Game

I got the idea from a cake central photo. We had a lot of April Birthdays & grouped them all together.


debrab Says... 7 years ago

Scrabble is one of my favorite games. You did an amazing job!

theboatlady Says... 7 years ago

Thanks for your comment. We had fun playing Scrabble while the cake was baking.

Homemade-Goodies Says... 7 years ago

Good grief woman!!! How awesome is this??? I love it, and you really made it so neat and tidy. Did you make the Scrabble logo in b/c transfer - so cool!!!

theboatlady Says... 7 years ago

I just did the scrabble logo by hand, tracing it with a toothpick first. It helped to have the real game board in front of me. Thanks for your comments!

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