CarolAnn Says... 7 years ago

Waste? What's that?? I've never cut any off the sides when serving. Is this just meant for petit fours?

shadow79 Says... 7 years ago

sorry...all I meant by "waste" is that those are the parts of the cake that will not make a perfect 1.5x1.5 or 2x2 square. It doesn't mean that the cake is waste of course - no parts of the cake are ever "waste". You could make smaller petit fours with it or make cake balls or something. :)

shadow79 Says... 7 years ago

As far as cutting of the sides - I usually do this to the whole cake before I cut my petit fours just to help make the cake more level on the edges and just so that my entire petit four has the same exact consistency when the guest bites into it. I have seen others recommend cutting the edges off too.

shadow79 Says... 7 years ago

I forgot to answer one more thing - Yes, cutting the sides is just meant for petit fours. All cutting is done before decoration. HTH

playingwithsugar Says... 7 years ago

Thanks! - Theresa :)

CarolAnn Says... 7 years ago

Forget the cake balls, trimmings don't have a chance around here! Ã

pattiecakes726 Says... 7 years ago

thank you

poshcakedesigns Says... 7 years ago

Thanks for sharing :lol:

ruthberry Says... 7 years ago

thank you for taking the time to upload and explain this. I tried petit fours once, and it was a real mess! I will try again one day though, and I have save your sketch!

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