Course 1 Final

Unfortunately, I did not take my time.
I waited too long and iced my cake just 1 hour before class, then had to decorate it in class.
I wasn't that happy with it, but, it's ok.


imsuzieq Says... 7 years ago

Almost an entire bottle of red and just a touch of black. They actually didn't look that dark until the next day.

pasteles73 Says... 7 years ago

Your flowers came out really nice. I love the color of the flowers too. ;-D

sasporella Says... 7 years ago

You have done a brilliant job.

montana618 Says... 7 years ago

How did you get the frosting so red? I have so much trouble with that!

imsuzieq Says... 7 years ago

Thanks you guys! I really appreciate the feedback. I'm just starting out

imsuzieq Says... 7 years ago

silly computer cut me off, To continue what I was saying; I'm just starting out and welcome any feedback and advice, so, thanks. :D

JaneDee Says... 7 years ago

:) Very pretty, I love the dark red w/black dots

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