dawndelicious Says... 7 years ago

Very clever ideas! I love your tree trunks and all the details. How did you do in the competition?

BarbaraF Says... 7 years ago

WOW, how amazing and FUN! It just makes you smile to look at it. Hope the judges appreciated it as much as I do!

terrier Says... 7 years ago

This cake is so cool! I love it! How did you do?

pottedmeatchunks Says... 7 years ago

Thank you! I got 1st place in the beginner's tiered category. The cake stand was home-made from FDA-approved acrylic tubing and sheets (similar to plexi glass)

redhare Says... 7 years ago

Now this is COOL, so unique love it! just great job!!! Love the tree trunks, the bridge justeverything

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