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I wanted to see how easy it was to put fondant onto cookies. The cookies are the Wilton no-chill recipe, and the fondant is MMF with an orange dreamsicle flavor. It's attached to the cookies with a little bit of corn syrup brushed on with a pastry brush. The shine on the cookies was achieved with a mix of corn syrup, vodka and a tiny bit of pearl dust. They had to dry overnight, probably because of the corn syrup.

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The cutter is blue plastic and says Ekco on it. I don't know where I got it...probably a yard sale or my mom's kitchen :D


pk first wow wow wow awsome job if u dont mind can u give me all the details on how u did the icing like the amounts and stuff would really apprec. it im so amazed :D


Thanks! :D The icing was just marshmallow can find the recipe for that on this site. I didn't measure the ingredients that I painted it with...I dipped the paintbrush into the corn syrup, and put it into a shallow, small container. Then I added 5 or 6 drops of vodka and a sprinkle of wilton pearl dust. It was thin enough to spread easily over the cookies, if not I added a few more drops of vodka. It took several hours for the cookies to dry but they stayed shiny.

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