Happy Birthday Paul !

Choc Cake, Choc Strawberry Filling , Choc Buttercream Icing And Choc Dipped Strawberies, With White Choc Drizzle ! Thanks For Looking !


Sarsi Says... 7 years ago

mmMMMMmmm....WHERE:S MY PIECE?!?!?!?

cookiemookie Says... 7 years ago

Lucky Paul!! This looks fantastic and I bet it tasted great!

twinsline7 Says... 7 years ago

well now...another 10 lbs gained here thank you very much!! mmm i love choc covered strawberries!

fiddlesticks Says... 7 years ago

Thanks to other CCer,s I asked about keeping dipped berries ! :)

jmarks Says... 7 years ago

That looks delicious!

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