Wine Grape Clusters - Cake For Wine Tasting Event

Wine Grape Clusters - Cake For Wine Tasting Event on Cake Central

Total of six 10" round cakes stacked and carved to shape. Covered in fondant, textured and stained with brown concentrated food coloring diluted with vodka. Grapes are made of fondant and colored with food coloring and luster dust. This cake was made at the last minute. I only had a few hours to create it. But, I really like how it turned out.

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HOLY CATS!!! you did an amazing job for only a few hours!!! This would be my perfect cake! I love the whole vineyard/grape/tuscan theme AMAZING JOB !!!


I've been receiving many PM's requesting instructions regarding the "grapes." Here's what I did: I colored fondant, mixed it with tylose powder (a hardening agent), rolled grape-size balls, attached floral wire to them then let them dry.


Once dry, I arranged the grapes in a cluster formation, twisted them around to form a faux stem, wrapped with floral tape and there was a grape cluster.

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