Confectionary2 Says... 7 years ago

YUMMmm reminds me of grape icecream!

Sarsi Says... 6 years ago

Yummy!! :D This is really cute, Fiddlesticks!!

cookiemookie Says... 6 years ago

Your cakes are adorable!

twinsline7 Says... 6 years ago

what a fun cake! ....but seriously your kids are sugar spoiled! :lol:

RRufus83 Says... 7 years ago

That's very cute. I don't know a kid (or a grownup that matter who loves ice cream) wouldn't love it :)

Linliv46 Says... 7 years ago

Oh I love your ice cream cones! I have to fav that idea! Makes me want one too! :wink:

fiddlesticks Says... 7 years ago

Thanks ! :)

Trixyinaz Says... 6 years ago

That is so cute! I love it!

fiddlesticks Says... 6 years ago

Thanks !! :D

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