Sporty Baby

10" round with bc and mmf, thanks to stellastarchild for her awesome templates for the converse...thank you also to JodieF for all of her guys rock!!!!

shoes are gumpaste...all the sports stuff is just mmf that I painted the details on, and you can't really tell from the photo but all the fondant stuff (balls, letters,etc.) have stitching on them. the idea was for it to be reminiscent of a quilted baby blanket (I don't know..I am weird) but that was the idea.


dynee Says... 7 years ago

This cake is adorable. You did a super job on the shoes.

maggiev777 Says... 7 years ago

Awesome job! Love the cake and your sneakers are adorable. Well done!

ljhow623 Says... 7 years ago

So cute. Great job.

KHalstead Says... 7 years ago

thanks so much :lol:

JodieF Says... 7 years ago

Awww...your shoes turned out great! You did so many more details than I did on mine! :D

JodieF Says... 7 years ago

I love how it turned out. It was fun to get to help someone for a change! :)

stellastarchild Says... 7 years ago

They look great, love the color and the "silver rings"

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