Trysha & Geoffrey's Wedding Cake

This cake is a very special wedding cake for a couple getting married, one of which is terminally ill. I was given free reign with the design, just told the bride liked roses, freesia's, frangipani's and blue. I was also sent a picture of the brides dress and I feel this will fit in very well with it. I went with the roses and freesia's and left the frangipani's separate as some handmade choccies for the couple to share privately.


yummymummy Says... 7 years ago

this is simply beautiful. I love how soft it looks. :)

lucia Says... 7 years ago

So elegant - just beautiful

grama_j Says... 7 years ago

"Simply" BEAUTIFUL !!

CelebrationCakery Says... 7 years ago

This is beautiful. I will pray for them too...

crazy4sugar Says... 7 years ago

This is gorgeous... Really perfect expression of romance! Thanks for sharing the story -- God bless them both.

PaulaT Says... 7 years ago

So elegant - simple design - just outstanding! :wink:

Charmaine49 Says... 7 years ago

You did a remarkable cake, I just love the "soft" blue that you did and your roses are super!! Best wishes to the happy couple!

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