Chess Cake For 60th Birthday

This was the cake I made for my FIL's 60th. He loves chess, and my SIL suggested that as the theme. It was my first attempt at making 3-D candy, and I need more practice at that, as well as keeping in the lines on the chess board, but all in all, I was pleased with the outcome. He loved it, and several games of chess were actually played on the cake as the party went on. :)
16" two layer spice cake with buttercream icing. medallions and chess pieces in milk chocolate and white chocolate mint.


afoneleri Says... 7 years ago

Wow. The chess pieces are amazing!

mommak Says... 7 years ago

Love it!!!

Teekakes Says... 7 years ago

Beautiful Chess Board Cake! Everything looks awesome and I think it is really cool that several games of Chess were actually played on the cake before it got eaten! Awesome job! :)

DoniB Says... 7 years ago

Thank you! :) It was really cute.. we had to make him blow out the candles and cut the cake before he could 'play with his food'. :)

cakepanpam Says... 7 years ago

This is amazing!!! I love it

DoniB Says... 7 years ago

The chess pieces are from molds, BTW. :) Got the molds from Confectionery House. They rock!

cinjam Says... 7 years ago

Great job! I made one of these so I know how time comsuming it is!

lucia Says... 7 years ago

Going into my favorites - what a great idea.

cakinallday Says... 7 years ago

this cake is great, I want to make one for my DH. Great Job!!! 8O

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