Frog On A Lillypad

My first attempt at making fondant animals. Not for a special occasion, just for fun.I love frogs and wanted to experiment with some different little bugs and things. It has different ones all around the sides, I may include pics of them too...


MrsGr8fulSoldier Says... 7 years ago

Buttercream was a bit of a disaster though, it was in our summer holidays...

cakerlady Says... 7 years ago

Love the frog!

faerybeary Says... 7 years ago

That frog is a cutie! :)

crp7 Says... 7 years ago

Really cute. I like the look on the frogs face!

mbh724 Says... 7 years ago

Very cute.

knel Says... 7 years ago

Very cute! I am always having BC issues! I tried the foam roller technique and it actually helps. Your fondant critters are adorable!

MrsGr8fulSoldier Says... 7 years ago

Thanks, the critters are styled after some pics my sister drew.

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