tdybear1978 Says... 7 years ago

great job - love your sharp edges

butterflywings Says... 7 years ago

oh, very classic, simple, elegant. nice job

vanita Says... 7 years ago

very elegant,yet simple wedding cake,simple makes the prettiest

ttaunt Says... 7 years ago

love it

LindsayLu Says... 7 years ago

Beautiful! This cake is so lovely!

jessicawebstermcdaniel Says... 6 years ago

how do you keep the satin ribbon from soaking up the oils of the buttercream?? Do you back it with something first????

avenje Says... 6 years ago

jessicawebstermcdaniel - Since the ribbon was black I didn't back it with anything. I didn't notice the buttercream really come through; if it did, it wasn't obvious.

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