Dolphin Base

This is the final cake before I added the color flow dolphins. On this one I experimented with adding ruffle (class has not started yet), with two color icing - white on top and green on the bottom, and with spraybottle color for the sky


darcat Says... 7 years ago

Your ruffle turned out nice. I love the colors

Krystl Says... 7 years ago

Thanks - that's the part I thought came out worst, it doesn't properly cover the shell, and wonders all over the place. I used a photo for the colors on the top of hte cake, then whatever icing I had available for the ruflles and rope. the dots in the instices were added as an after thought - they came out ok, though.

Krystl Says... 7 years ago

finsihed product is found at (...)

Krystl Says... 7 years ago name=gallery& file=displayimage& pid=1200072

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