Barnyard Baby Shower

I think this is my new favorite cake I have made! It was so much fun to make! The girl I made this for basically just said the mom-2-b was doing a barnyard themed room, and could I make a cow and a horse to put on a cake. So, I sort of took some creative liberty and this is what I came up with. The only bad part was I didn't get to look at any here on CC fpr any tips and ideas because it was down! The animals are Wilton w/ tylose powder added and everything else if MMF. Thanks for looking!


meggyxxxx Says... 7 years ago

wow this is so flawless. how did u do the animal eyes? how did u colour the mmf? did u paint or tint?

minkiemoo Says... 7 years ago

This is so cute, you did a fabulous job :D

brea1026 Says... 7 years ago

Thanks! hmm- eyes=painted on, barn= painted on w/ airbrush coloring (it's much thinner than wilton), and the green is airbrushed on. Hope that helps. :D

LisaMS Says... 7 years ago

How wonderful is that?! :-) You did a fantastic job...very creative and neat.

beachcakes Says... 7 years ago

This is adorable!!!

KristasCakes Says... 7 years ago

WOW! Great job. I can't believe how perfect it looks! You are quite talented!

Dawn2467 Says... 7 years ago

Wow, wow, wow! I KNOW that the mom just flipped out! It's it! Is it selfish of me to coax my daughter to play with her Little People barn so I might be able to try one of these on her birthday? Teehee

dabear Says... 7 years ago

How adorable! I love your aimals-they are so cute!

frostedbliss Says... 7 years ago

These little animals are so precious! You gave them such sweet little expressions! And I bet the Mommy 2 B put the little cuties in the nursery as a decoration. I sure would have!

imartsy Says... 7 years ago

oh my gosh I absolutely love them! I love their eyes - they are so adorable!! and I love that the pig is in a litlte mud puddle!

maimerbaker Says... 7 years ago

So stinking cute! Great job, especially without CC for inspiration. Well done!

lovescakes Says... 7 years ago

wow!! you're so talented!!

ANicole Says... 7 years ago

Wow - and all this was done with no CC! You're amazing. This is one fabulous cake!

burleigh12 Says... 7 years ago

I love it! Did you use Wilton's stand up house pan? Thank you for inspiring me!

Guera Says... 7 years ago

Beautiful eyes in your animals!!!

Brilanka Says... 7 years ago

What an AWESOME JOB!!!!

brea1026 Says... 7 years ago

Thanks for the great comments! burleigh12- no I didn't use the wilton pan because I don't have it, I just used a 8" square and cut it in 1/2 then about 2" off for the top bit.

imartsy Says... 7 years ago

absolutely precious! Love the cow!

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