raymona Says... 7 years ago

Beautiful. I love the knot work design. Well done!

GeminiRJ Says... 7 years ago

A gorgeous cake!

stsapph Says... 7 years ago

Ok,this is gorgeous and I have to know how you did this!!! Please PM me with instructions!!

TooMuchCake Says... 7 years ago

I found a terrific Celtic knot clipart website and chose a design from there. I used the pin-prick method to transfer the design onto the cake. Let me tell you, my eyes were throbbing! All those pinpricks in a knotwork design are hard to keep track of! Then I used food markers to draw in the green and damp brushes to treat it like watercolor. The black lines were piped. The parchment look on the fondant was done with petal dusts. HTH.

plbennett_8 Says... 7 years ago

OOOOooo I love this! I was too chicken to try a knot design...maybe next year. WTG :)

cmmom Says... 7 years ago

LOVE IT!! You did an awesome job!! I even love the slate tile as your cake plate - perfect 10! (and I'm 100% Irish too)

Sugar_Plum_Fairy Says... 7 years ago

Your hard work paid off. That is a beautiful design!

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