Cake/Cupcake Tower

Cake is 4 layer white with lemon filling, cupcakes are white w/ lemon and chocolate w/ strawberry vanilla. fondant and RI decorations. I made a cake and cupcake tower for a non-profit organization,
Keep in mind not all the cupcakes are on the tower in the pic, it was just a quickie set up so I could get a picture before I delivered it. The topper is part of thier logo, the NK on the cupcakes are thier initials and the orange cupcakes are supposed to look like brain


sarahnichole975 Says... 7 years ago

OH I see them...the brains that is. I thought they were cute BEFORE I read what they were. This is really nice. I like the colors.

disp4so Says... 7 years ago

Thanks Sara :)

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