Sugar Cookies with fondant and royal icing. Spider man and the number "5". These were for my son's 5th birthday party, they were the centerpieces. Thank you to "Newatdecorating" for all your great advice. My cookies were a complete mess compared to her beautiful cookies, except for the 5's. I liked the 5's!


usuzy Says... 7 years ago

great idea :D

Newatdecorating Says... 7 years ago

Your bouquets look great!! In fact, the brightness of your colors make my bouquets look dull. We are always our worst critique. I think you did a great job! Goes great with your cake!

DeliciousCreations Says... 7 years ago

Thank you!! You are too sweet!! LOL I airbrushed them with silver luster dust. It made the color pop. I spray EVERYTHING with that!!! :wink:

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