ceshell Says... 7 years ago

Hey I think I see my cat in there! LOL this cake is adorable and so fitting for anyone who owns a cat.

anne4588 Says... 7 years ago

What a great cake, I love the idea.

Wendl Says... 7 years ago

Thanks again everyone!!! Oh, and when I had Bronwen Weber look it over for a critique, she rec'd NOT flipping the fondant, and that she would have recessed the black portion more. I agreed, I had considered cutting it back further, but was afraid I would have to enter the 'cupcake' portion as the amount of cake would have been even less! ;) I was very grateful to her for her advice and time. I was tickled that she thought the cake was cute, too. Wendl

SugaryGoodness Says... 7 years ago

Congratulations for entering....Contests scare me! Very cute design also! What did Bronwen mean "not flip it"?

DaisyLisa17 Says... 7 years ago

I saw this at the show and I love it!! Im sorry to hear it met the floorboard of your car! I was impressed as I chickened out on entering this year. Wonderful job, adorable cake! :roll:

Wendl Says... 7 years ago

I believe what Bronwen said meant that should could see that I put the 'to the rolling mat' side up and I should have put the 'to the rolling pin' side up. :) Heck, it was 2 a.m., I am lucky I got it on the cake! :) Next time...I am taking the week prior to the comp OFF! Working a 40+ hour a week job and commuting is very hard on my cake making! Y'all, I am so very appreciative for the comments! Being my first submish, it was daunting, but even though I didn't medal (this time!), I was glad I...

Wendl Says... 7 years ago

I just wanted to do something that I hadn't seen before, but that meant something to me. I prefer more offbeat designs, but that's me. I am not a foofy-frilly bridal cake maker - but the punk rock wedding cake at the Comp was WICKED! I LOVED that one as far as my view.

TheCakeChick Says... 7 years ago

I was at the show (the Red Woof Inn was mine), and I thought your kitty was as cute as can be and very imaginative! You were up against some very stiff competition in that beginners division. But don't be discouraged - your cake was well done and adorable!

susanscakebabies Says... 7 years ago

That is so cute. What a great idea. How did the competition go?

karapags Says... 7 years ago

I think it looks great. Very different and unique!!

kebeling Says... 7 years ago

Very funny, that is my cat's favorite game.

kebeling Says... 7 years ago

Very funny, that is my cat's favorite game.

Wendl Says... 7 years ago

I didn't win anything, but I heard and was given some great compliments on it which made it worth my while. Sadly, on the drive home, a sudden stop saw it crash to the floor! :cry: I had been hoping to bring it into the office. Thank you all!!! It was a work of love. I have more ideas for next year already. :)

Lueet Says... 7 years ago

I saw this at the competition - I thought it was incredibly creative and well-executed! Love it! :)

stsapph Says... 7 years ago

Love this cake. It is sooo cute and reminds me of my cat that I had to leave at home :cry: Great job

LovelyCreations Says... 7 years ago

I love it! Co cute! Excellent job ;-D

cakedout Says... 7 years ago

Oh my goodness! This is absolutely the cutest thing EVER! :D

onceuponacake Says... 7 years ago

i love this!!!!!!!! love cats love this cake..i'll have to try this..great job

snowboarder Says... 7 years ago

that's hilarious. great job!

CristinaB Says... 7 years ago

What a riot! I see this scene in my kitchen each time we grocery shop! Great idea!

simplysweet72740 Says... 7 years ago

My sister just did a BWHAHAHA thats my favorite ever!!! GOOD JOB!!!

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