moreCakePlz Says... 7 years ago

As requested, here is the link to Bakerellaâs blog.

moreCakePlz Says... 7 years ago

As requested, here is the link to Bakerellaâs blog. (...) She gives detailed instructions on how to make the lollipops. I did a few things differently: 1) I just formed the cupcake by hand, I didnât use the cookie cutter like Bakerella did. 2) I only dipped the bottom half in chocolate and used regular cream cheese frosting for the top of the cupcake.

moreCakePlz Says... 7 years ago

Trying the link again :x (...)

pinktea Says... 7 years ago

Thanks I saw this blog sometime ago and was wondering how she did make the cupcake lollipop. Thanks for sharing :)

jen2184 Says... 7 years ago

these are super cute and they look so yummy wish i could stick my hand through the screen :lol: can you PM me the blog on how to make these?

CarolAnn Says... 7 years ago

Oh looks so pretty close up!

JudyDP Says... 7 years ago

Cute! Cute! Thanks for sharing.......

briannastreats Says... 7 years ago

What a great idea!!!

sweetcravings Says... 7 years ago

Yum yum yum, i want one! I love the look of this. I thought it was a marshmallow pop at first. I love this idea. Into my fav's

ncbert Says... 7 years ago

I saw that blog too, your's look just as yummy as those...They're really making me want to try some cake balls!

twinkletoe21 Says... 7 years ago

oh yea i saw those too and i was wondering how she made hers.. but since you poster yours i was wondering if you can send me instructions please?? =) what kind of chocolate did you use? PM me pls.. TIA!

asul Says... 7 years ago

Cute!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing :D

mysonbronson Says... 7 years ago

I just love this. What a great idea.

Curtsmin24 Says... 7 years ago

I really want to lick my screen right now!!!!!! :P

ceshell Says... 7 years ago

It came out great, and I'm so glad to see that someone here did them. I think the prob. is you cannot type in a URL in the comments section, but it should work if you spell it out: go to bakerella.blogspot and don't forget to add the "dot com" part at the end. These adorable pops are in the February archive (or, right here on CC just as cute as can be! :D

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