Thank you to mommachris!! This is my version of kittens in a basket except I made them in a waterbowl. I think I still need to master the look of a cat ;) TFL


mgigglin Says... 7 years ago

tannersmom thank you! I have not taken a class for the animals but I did use a guide for the elephant by robin here on CC, I don't have her moniker handy but i can pm you her info if you want. I just winged it with the rest of them and had ton's of fun getting creative

tannersmom Says... 7 years ago

So cute. I love the little animals that you made too. I haven't mastered that yet. DId you take classes?

anamado Says... 7 years ago

They look addorable! :princess: My daughters would love it!!!!!!!!!!!

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