Funky Valentine

This is for my own birthday, which is on Valentine's Day. I just wanted to finally use my paisley pans. Covering them with fondant wasn't as hard as I feared, but it's still not as perfect as I'd like. These are airbrushed with Americolor's electric purple and electric pink. (The purple was a bit darker than I expected.) The ropes and hearts were then painted with the airbrush color to make them match the color of the tiers. Then the whole thing got a spritzing of pearl dust.


jiffypop Says... 7 years ago

Very cute!

LauraLanier Says... 7 years ago

very pretty. 8)

bobwonderbuns Says... 7 years ago

That's a really cool cake!! nice job!!

suzted7 Says... 7 years ago

absolutely gorgeous! LOVE the shine on these!! :P

onceuponacake Says... 7 years ago

this is gorgeous!

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