This is a cake I made for my husband's grandmother who just turned 77! She collects owls, so after searching online for hours, I finally found a similar cake to this one and went to town! It is a WASC cake with vanilla and chocolate meringue icing. His front feathers are sliced almonds and his wings are chocolate covered mint leaves. YUMMMM! I think he's cute, let's hope granny will still want to eat him!


bethyboop Says... 7 years ago

what is is nose? What pan did you use? how very thoughtful of you because this had to be very time consuming!!

Laura_G Says... 7 years ago

WOW! Very creative. I love it!

pidge Says... 7 years ago

very well done!! i can't imagine all the time that went into setting the feathers!! :D

Alice1230 Says... 7 years ago

Thanks so much! His nose is an ice cream cone! His body is 2 wilton wonder molds, one inverted on to the other. His head I just made in a bread pan and carved out

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