poochynooch Says... 7 years ago

If this is your first attempt -- my goodness think of what your 10th attempt would look like. This is absolutely fabulous. Was the top tier airbrushed or hand painted?

zabu Says... 7 years ago

Great job! How did you do the green rainbow shape on the top tier. I love the color combo! Bet your daughter was proud and impressed.

mom2spunkynbug Says... 7 years ago

You did a fabulous job!!! :D

Chrys211 Says... 7 years ago

This cake looks great! The colors work so well together!

laurakelly2 Says... 7 years ago

Wow...I love this cake! It's a favorite! Perfectly done...not too much...juuuust enough 8O Did you use wire for the top or something else? It almost looks clear...

SweetResults Says... 7 years ago

Beautiful job - i bet the girls were thrilled, marbling is perfect on the top tier.

EmmyD Says... 7 years ago

this cake looks awesome

minkiemoo Says... 7 years ago

Thank yo so much for your comments, the top tier is marbled and the topper is made using silver flower wires. I would never have been able to make this before I found this site. CC rocks!!

aundron Says... 7 years ago

I love these colors!! Beautiful cake!!

MARIELEBRON Says... 7 years ago

Very cool cake! love the colors

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