Boofycakes Says... 7 years ago

very creative! your buttercream looks great! you could have fooled me into thinking it was fondant! :D

bmbard Says... 7 years ago

I agree, very creative and your buttercream looks fabulous! Might have to use this one :D

seymoursquirrel Says... 7 years ago

Really neat!

Charmaine49 Says... 7 years ago

Your cake is so well done, would never say it is all BC, need to save this for the future!!

m1shelly Says... 7 years ago

i work in a dental office and am making a cake for a 40th b-day and this cake is such a great idea but looks hard to make. I make cakes just for the fun of it and i am ok at it in my mind.

dawndelicious Says... 7 years ago

TOO CUTE, and very FUNNY! Awesome job and great idea!

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