Quickie Anniversary Cake

I got asked by a family member to create a anniversary cake on the fly. Less than 24 hour notice. This is what I came up with. This is a Vanilla Butter Nut flavored cake. I torted the cake and filled one layer with whipped cream cheese filling and the next layer with fresh raspberry filling and so on. The picture doesn't do the frosting justice.The frosting is almost the look of suede.The pictures around the sides of the cake I hand painted on gum paste ,The roses are made from gum paste as well.


grama_j Says... 7 years ago

Ohhh.... I wish I could see this in person ! I'll bet they LOVED it !

naomig123 Says... 7 years ago

Well, you did a great jub and you would never know you were pressed for time! Nice detail!

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