Turquoise And White Seashell Cake


Another dummy cake for our cake studio. We wanted to do something different for a seashell theme. So I alternated coral and seagrass on the bottom tier piped with royal icing. then a bubble pattern on the turquoise tier, above that we filled a small 4 in. glass vase with seaglass and real shells and then on the tier above the vase, I did jellyfish piped in royal icing and finally the ball above that with a few more bubbles. Finished the board and one turquoise tier with some fondant shells. TFL

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You truly have an eye for what works and it's so unique/original. Love every single thing about this. You've really updated the much-seen sea theme!!


Thanks, Sweetcakes the fountain topper is just jewelry beads from our local craft store put on 20 gauge wire and I used jewelry glue to keep the beads where I wanted them. I take needle nose pliers and twist the end of the wire in a tight circle before I start putting beads on. Hope this helps :)


thanks so much, I can't take all the credit, my business partner and I go back and fourth with ideas until the cake is done:)

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