CAbi Dress

This cake was for the spring launch of a customers clothing line. Cakes are covered in fondant with fondant accents, dress is made of modeling chocolate...ended up standing almost 3' high....had to watch the top walking through door-frames! Thanks for looking!


efrat Says... 7 years ago

Hi, the cake is beautiful! Do you mind my asking what the mannequin in made of? And the stand it is on? Thanks! -Elizabeth

Hollis Says... 7 years ago

I attached a large dowel to the base of the board and built the dress (completely out of modeling chocolate) on top of it.

CambriasCakes Says... 7 years ago


marthajo1 Says... 7 years ago

Very cute! I love their jeans :lol: Can you tell me a little about how you did the letters! They look cut out?

Hollis Says... 7 years ago

Sure, I first covered the cakes in white and pink fondant (only the top)....alternating....then covered with a layer of MMF and gently cut out the letters. After peeling them off I brushed the edges with water to seal and smooth the edges.

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