Superbowl XLII

NY Giants, Dark Chocolate Fudge cake, torted w/fudge filling, and iced with Choc. Fudge icing. Fondant accents.
Pats, Strawberries & Cream Cake, torted w/ vanilla buttercream, iced with Choc. Fudge. Fondant Accents.
End zones on board are edible images just glued to the board w/piping gel. Yard lines are fondant. Logos are edible images on fondant


Bohaney Says... 7 years ago

Great Job! Beautiful

khoudek Says... 7 years ago

Very cool design and great job on the execution!!

dogluvr Says... 7 years ago

wow, very nice

AmyGonzalez Says... 7 years ago

Awesome Cakes! They sound extremely yummy! :P

ltock Says... 7 years ago

I LOVE IT!!! Most definately will try this next superbowl!!

mellormom Says... 7 years ago

Great job! I need to get an eddible image machine now! :)

joaaaann Says... 7 years ago

I love it..great presentaion!

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