toodlesjupiter Says... 7 years ago

Looks great and sounds delicious!

edencakes Says... 7 years ago

Thanks guys! kcjc: I did use edible images on the roof sections - I don't have an edible image printer, and those suckers were pricy! 8O

mezzaluna Says... 7 years ago

very clever!

morganacake Says... 7 years ago


kcjc Says... 7 years ago

Thats fantastic.So perfect looking. Is that an edible image on the roof betwen the rafters? I'm going to be making a wargame cake as well for a group of guys that are having a gettogether at the store where they have meetings. think it's going to be open to the public. They want to have a castle type building. They gave me a book w/pics. Yours looks so perfect.Yikes!

pastrylady Says... 7 years ago

My husband and kids play WOW and would love this cake. Great Job!

Wendoger Says... 7 years ago

wow! Dunno about the game, never saw it before but this thing looks pretty cool!!!

Melvira Says... 7 years ago

Too awesome! It looks like it fell right out of the game!! Excellent work!

sweetlikepie Says... 7 years ago

my boyfriend who plays the game knew what it was at once. It looks great.

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